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The Dance Video

A professional service to record your dance and calisthenics productions.                  

Parents and students receive a quality memory in the form of a menu driven DVD including Case, Printed Jacket and printed DVD Face.

All I ask is a guarantee of a minimum 25 DVD Sales at $28.00 each                  for Dance Studio Delivery.

Or a minimum of 25 DVD's at $32.00 each for delivery via post.

For the Dance Studio delivery I will supply the ordered DVD's with a spreadsheet detailing the names and contact details for distribution.

For the postal delivery I will send each DVD order by mail.

I will also set up a shopping cart system for each dance project to make it   easier for parents and students to purchase copies.

Blu-Ray Disks as well as High definition files will be available vis the shopping cart system.

Dance Tiles

Compilation Of TC So You Think You Can Dance

Please Contact Me For Bookings Or More Information