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Film & Tape Conversions And Scans

Where Your Memories Are Treated With Respect

Film Tape To DVD Small


Films 8mm & Super 8

3 Inch Reels  $30.00 each

5 Inch Reels  $85.00 each

7 Inch Reels  $125.00 each

Tapes VHS / CVHS / SVHS / Beta / System 8  To DVD

$30.00 Per Tape (Any Length)

Customer Will Receive a menu driven DVD Complete with case, printed jacket and printed disk face.

Slides, Negatives and Picture Scanning

Slides and Negatives   $0.40 per scan.

Pictures  $0.50 per scan

Pleae Contact Me If You Wish To Place An Order                                                For Film Or Tape Conversions.