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Rowing Events

1. RFDS Rowathon 2012


The 21st Flying Doctors Rowathon was held on the Darling Riverstarting at Wentworth District Rowing Club (WDRC), Wentworth, NSW Australia. 

Crews arrived and rigged boats on the Friday evening with the Rowing Club bar being the focal point for introductions or renewing friendships and collecting name tags and t-shirts. On Saturday morning we were greeted by a thunder and lightening show at 6am followed by a brief shower which then cleared to give ideal rowing conditions for the morning. After a cooked breakfast provided by the WDRC, boats were launched and the first crews started at 7.20am. 

This video documents the event as it happened. From the rigging of the boats the day before, to the weary return of the rowers after 82 Kilometers of rowing.

For more information about the  RFDS Rowathon

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